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Developmental Focus: Cognitive

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A crucial area of development in young children is cognition, which involves the learning skills of memory, thinking and attention. While some cognitive skill development is linked to genetics, most cognitive skills are actually learned, making this area extremely important especially in the early years of life.

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Memory skills help children to retain information through experiences and help to build a good knowledge base. Although children under the age of 5 do have difficulty with short and long-term memory retention, a great way to help with memory skills is with repetitive phrases and catchy songs. As children grow and develop, their long-term memory will improve. We incorporate many catchy and repetitive songs to help children with learning their alphabet, days of the week, months of the year and numbers at Busy Bee.

Thinking skills are important for children to develop as they help children begin to reason and figure out solutions to tasks. As they start to think, they begin to make decisions and either continue with their task or ask for help. By asking children questions about their tasks or about stories that are read, it helps them to think about their experience. When reading stories, we enjoy asking children about the different colours they see, what the characters are doing, and what they think will happen next. In doing so, children begin to focus and think, developing essential skills for life.

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Attention skills help children focus and concentrate, which is an important skill to grow. The ability to keep their attention will help in all future learning. The best way to focus children’s attentions is by asking questions and using different visual aids as a focal point. At Busy Bee, we utilize VMA in our lessons for this reason – Visual, Movement, and Audio – to help with developing this area.

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Cognitive development is vital to your child’s overall growth and health. At Busy Bee we understand the importance of this area and encourage question asking during our learning centres and circle times. We love seeing our little bumblebees grow and develop day-by-day, and really enjoy making it a fun experience for them. Learning is fun at Busy Bee!

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