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Developmental Focus – Language

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At Busy Bee, we strive to encourage a love of learning about the world in our classrooms. We understand the importance of inspiring children to experience the world around them and as part of this; we focus on four areas of development that are crucial to the overall growth of a child. These areas are: physical, cognitive, social-emotional and language.

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Language development is essential for communication and aids children in self-expression. They also learn how to properly express their feelings through words. Language skills also support thinking and problem solving.

Busy Bee offers an all-English environment, which helps children begin to become familiar with the language. Many new students who attend Busy Bee have zero English knowledge and learn English from us for the first time. By listening and observing our teachers and other students, children begin to develop this very important area of language.

To help with developing language skills, we sing songs, use repetition in our lesson plans and are continuously speaking to the students. We also encourage speaking through question asking. Our various learning centres and circle times allow us opportunities to ask students simple questions which give them a chance to answer in class.

Over time, we can see that students are able to respond back in English and this is wonderful progress. To continue this at home, we encourage parents to ask questions about their day, sing songs they are familiar with and to repeat certain phrases like, “Let’s clean up” and “Wash your hands.”

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Developing this important area will help your child immensely with communication and self-expression. We hope to be a part of that process with our various activities and learning centres!

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