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Foster Responsibility

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A great question that comes up in every parent’s mind is: How do I foster responsibility in a child? How early should I start? How do I start? There are no easy answers especially when it comes to children, as each and every child is different and special, but there are a few great ideas to keep in mind when you ponder these important questions.

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#1: Give Them Choices

When children begin to make decisions, even when they are simple ones such as which fruit to eat, they begin to create judgments on their own. Good judgments and bad judgments all stem from experiences and when they can start to make their own decisions, they can begin to make their own judgments based on experiences. Eventually, they will learn how good judgments lead to better experiences.

#2: Problem Solve Instead of Punishment

A great way to foster a sense of responsibility and confidence is to problem solve instead of using punishment to teach a child. When a problem arises, verbalize how to solve the problem instead of pointing blame at anyone. This helps children understand that we can always make things better and that the situation needs to be solved rather than making them feel bad as a person. Their actions created a problem, but they can create a solution so that the problem is not created again.

#3: Set Limits Empathetically

Finally, a great way to teach children how to be responsible for their actions is to set limits in an empathic way. This is done by being authoritative in helping your child understand the limits while being supportive at the same time. By trying to understand situations through the child’s perspective, this helps them understand why you are setting a limit while also making them feel cared for and loved.

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Hopefully these ideas prove helpful for you in your ever-changing parenting journey! You are your child’s first teacher – be the best example for them!

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