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Global Education Summit 2018

My experience

GES 2018 - My Experience

It was an early Sunday morning and I was heading to catch my train to Beijing, my second time in the country's capital 14 years later. The train was quite fast and I arrived 4.5 hours later to a very gloomy and grey Sunday afternoon. I get settled in my hotel excited for the start of the Global Education Summit and can't wait to hear the speakers.

I had some time to reflect and think back as to why I got into education in the first place and why China. Busy Bee Education has been my baby for the last 8 years and our vision has always been the same, providing a quality program at a price most families can afford. This preschool program we developed has helped prepare children for school and it has helped them build great habits that will ensure they can succeed in life. Even though we are still a small organization, we are working hard to expand and become a top provider in the early education space in China. One student at a time.

Day 1

Here's a brief recap of some of the speakers and their thoughts on my area of education, early education / preschool education.

Mr. Gu Zheng Zu vice chairman of the 13th NCCPPC speaks about the importance of preschool education and how it is needed in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tier cities. He believes we all have a social responsibility to help those in need. He stressed we should focus on the quality of the staff not just the structure. Equal education should be given to all so every one will have an equal opportunity at achieving success.

He also touched upon the importance of early childhood education being affordable. His points of discussion resonated very well with my philosophy for Busy Bee Education. It's great knowing the Chinese Government sees the importance of early childhood education and the fact it should be affordable.

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Zhu Zhi Wen, Deputy Minister of Education in China stated the importance of how education can help bring our society forward. He stressed the importance of working together between companies private and public for the greater good, the people.

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Day 2

Here's a discussion with Steve Wozniak, co founder of Apple.

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Steve was very inspirational and he really cares about education. He said when his time comes the thing he will remember most is how his students, he taught, are doing. He's such a passionate person for education and for advocating access to quality education for all.

Day 3

Arne Duncan, Former U.S. Secretary of Education speaks about how important education is for everyone and truly believes it is through education, we can conquer poverty. He also stressed that preschool education must be affordable because of how important preschool education is for any child. It's the foundation of which they learn habits that will prepare them for future success.

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Michael Moe, CEO of Global Silicon Valley. He talked about the future of the future. How we should all be investing in early childhood education more since it is proven $1 dollar invested yields a $7+ dollar return.

Early education has been a consistent theme throughout this conference and it just gives me more reassurance we are on the right path for Busy Bee Education.

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After the three day conference it really made me think about my mission of Busy Bee Education and why I started this in the first place. I know I still have a long way to go but I still see Busy Bee Education being a top preschool program provider at affordable prices across China. It's a big dream but why not dream big?

It’s a Wednesday afternoon and the last day of the Global Education Summit organized by TAL education group (HAO WEI LAI). I sit here in the train station waiting for my 6 o’clock ride back to Shanghai and reflect on the last 3 days event. I heard brilliant speakers ranging from Government officials Lu Mai vice chairman and secretary general China Development Research Foundation, Li Yi Deputy Director Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Gu Sheng Zu Vice Chairman of the 13th national committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, tennis world champion, Andre Agassi, the former U.S. secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, many top educators and government officials within the education space, and the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozinak. There ideas still ring through my head and more importantly some of their messages are very much in line with my philosophy in regards to early education in China. I strongly believe, even today, that it’s still a young science and has yet to mature. As of this writing, Shanghai introduced a new ‘daycare license policy’ for children aged 0-3 earlier this year in May 2018. It’s also reassuring that the speakers touched upon points such as a lack of teachers that will be needed in the future and also the amount of children that will be born year on year and shortage of care centres for these children especially in the rural areas of China. I have known these facts before starting Busy Bee Education and it’s been my mission to be a provider of pre-k education in China but an English pre-k provider at affordable prices.

After hearing the speakers and taking in this great experience over the last 3 days, I feel rejuvenated. I feel my vision is clearer than before and feel our time is now to shine. I must utilize all of my resources to the best of my ability and get our message out. I want Busy Bee Education to continue providing a quality program at affordable prices for there is a need in the market for us and it is our duty to provide something of value and something of quality. Everyone should be allowed access to quality education and not all quality education need to be expensive, for it is through education that one can change their life and the lives of others.

Principal and Founder

Joseph Lee

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