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Laughing Helps!

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They say laughter is the best medicine and who doesn’t love a good laugh? However, is there any truth to that? And if so, how can we use laughter to make life more enjoyable for our kids and us?

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We’ve rounded up the best benefits to laughing and think – yes, laughing can lead to a better, happier existence (and a healthier one, too!) Check it out!

Physical Health Benefits

1. Relaxes your body

2. Lowers stress

3. Releases endorphins – the good-feeling chemical

4. Makes pain decrease

5. Boosts your immune system

Mental Health Benefits

1. Eases tension and anxious feelings

2. Improves your mood

3. Makes you feel happier

Other Benefits

1. Creates bonds and strengthens relationships

2. Helps teamwork

3. Creates a fun atmosphere

Laughter is the best and probably quickest way to change your mood and even change your body. Make more jokes and see a lighter side to life. Here’s to laughing harder and laughing often!

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