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Lunch Time

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Lunchtime provides a great break from the day when children can enjoy a nutritious meal together. Many students look forward to lunchtime, as do our teachers, and there are a few extra reasons why lunchtime is a wonderful time to learn while we eat!

Reason #1: Nourishment

Parents have full control over their child’s lunch and can introduce the importance of nutritious meals from an early age. A well-balanced meal includes protein, vegetables and carbohydrates. Proper nutrition starts at home, with emphasis on a balanced diet and correct portion sizes.

Reason #2: Handling Utensils

At Busy Bee, we encourage children to feed themselves by handling their own utensils. This not only works their gross motor skills, but also instills the feeling of independence and confidence in children. Over time, this creates great eating habits and self-sufficiency.

Reason #3: Eating Together

Eating together with other students creates a feeling of community and togetherness. We believe this fosters a feeling of security within children and adds to the social aspect of sharing an experience. Food brings people together and children feel part of a group while having lunch together.

Reason #4: Routine Building

Eating at the same time every day is not only great for the body and digestive system, but also reinforces the importance of a routine and schedule. Children know what to expect next in the day and following a schedule helps keep activities consistent.

Reason #5: Respecting Food

Children are asked not to waste food and to be mindful of their lunch containers. This helps them to understand that food is precious and to respect the food they have.

Reason #6: Clean Up!

Lunchtime also teaches children to clean up after themselves by using tissue to clean their areas if they drop food. We encourage students to take care of their belongings and to clean up when they are finished. This helps children understand the importance of taking care of their lunch containers after they are done and to be more independent during lunchtime.

A simple way to ensure a healthy balanced lunch is variety. Include a good portion of protein and vegetables along with a starchy carbohydrate. Using containers with separators are great which keeps everything together and within reach. Read below for an easy recipe you can try!

DIY: Turkey Roll-Ups

Take a tortilla wrap and place a few slices of turkey meat inside. Add sliced cheese, sliced cucumbers and mayonnaise. Roll up the tortilla and slice into sections. Complete the lunchbox with fresh cut veggies and pretzels or fruit. Yum!

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Have a BEE-utiful day!