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Preschool Options

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Are you considering preschool for your little one? Wondering about the benefits of bringing your toddler to a learning centre? Worried about leaving your child in the hands of others? These questions may have crossed your mind, especially if you are a new parent. You may wonder if it is too soon or if your child will be ready for it.

These are all valid concerns and we completely understand the worry and anxiousness. Hopefully these reasons will help with your decision-making process of whether or not to bring your child to preschool.

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Reason #1: Socialization

Children learn a great deal during the early years. Many call ages 0-5 the formative years and for good reason. Your child is learning a whole lot during this crucial time and one important experience is socializing. Having children play and learn together will help them develop other skills as well, such as their language skills. Having children come together in a safe environment is vital to their development of social skills.

Reason #2: Engagement

When you bring your child to preschool, they are going to have fun (especially after the initial separation-anxiety stage)! They will be engaged with teachers and other students and this expands their learning skills. They learn to observe and mimic which aids in developing cognitive skills. Children get to sing and dance while being entertained by teachers. What a better way to spend a day!

Reason #3: Fine Motor Skills Practice

At preschool, children get to use and practice using their fine motor skills. These skills are primarily related to the hands and fingers. Art time is great for this and as they learn to use their hands and fingers, they also improve hand-eye coordination. Many activities are designed to use different actions and movements. The best part is, they are having fun doing it!

Reason #4: Repetition

Another important reason preschool is helpful for young children is the repetition that occurs there. Preschools have set schedules and repeat many songs and words to help children learn. At preschool, they also instill good habits such as washing hands before eating and after using the washroom and saying please and thank you. Preschool helps with learning by using repetitive actions, activities and tasks, all designed to help foster good habits.

Reason #5: Pure Fun

Oh yes, that’s right. What bigger reason would there be other than having pure, exhilarating, FUN!?! Your child will have a blast playing with new and different toys, looking at a wide range of books, getting to sing songs and dance, and create arts and crafts. The whole day is dedicated to doing all sorts of fun activities, all while learning and engaging with caring and helpful teachers. The best part about being a kid is getting TO BE A KID!

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Hopefully these reasons will help you decide if preschool is right for your child. At Busy Bee, we love fostering a love of learning, inspiring respect for others and having fun all while doing so! Preschool is a great experience for kids and if you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us at!

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