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Screen Time

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So, you’re a new parent and completely exhausted. Sleep is something you miss and while you’re absolutely in love with everything to do with parenthood, sometimes you just need a break. However, your young one doesn’t have an “off” button. Before you lose your mind, you reach for the one thing that will give you a little bit of “quiet time” – your phone, to give your super energetic toddler screen time. You get a break, but with a side of guilt. We get it.

As much as we love all the incredible advancements in technology, there also seems to be a growing concern over whether we can have too much of a good thing. Do these devices help or hinder developmental growth? When should technology be introduced to a child? What happens when they become dependent on technology and start demanding it?

There are no easy answers to this topic, unfortunately, as the world continues to depend so heavily on the Internet and electronic devices for employment and their daily lives. However, when it comes to entertaining your kids, you do have lots of options!

Option #1: Go Outside

A great way to forget the screen is to simply go outside and have fun. Enjoy some time at the playground or simply go for a nice walk outside if the weather is nice. There is plenty to see outside and for your little one to explore and observe.

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Option #2: Read Together

Another great way to stay entertained is to turn to books. Not only do you get to spend some quality time together, you also get to interact with questions about the story, the characters, and the pictures. There are also great sensory books that are very fun to read with different textures to touch or sounds to hear. Pop-up books and lift-the-flap books are great too!

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Option #3: Do Arts and Crafts

Who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty with fun paint? A fantastic way to keep those little hands and fingers busy is with fun arts and crafts at home. Creating art not only helps with fine motor skill development, but also keeps kids entertained and happy.

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Option #4: Play With Toys

Kids will be kids and role-playing is part of growing up. Playing with different toys is always a fun way for kids to enjoy the time. Building blocks, figurines, and puzzles are classic toys to keep stocked at home.

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Even though you may resort to some screen time to appease your little one, keep in mind you have plenty of options to turn to. Engaging toddlers with fun activities and conversation always helps to keep them entertained, replacing screen time with real “face” time.

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