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Spring Cleaning

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With the Lunar New Year well underway, it feels like we get a new second chance to start the year off right, in case Jan. 1st was a write-off for those New Year’s Resolutions (lol).

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A great way to start this new Rat Year is to do some good old Spring Cleaning! Time to clear away the old for all the new to come into our lives! YAY! Here are our best tips to get you started with the clean slate!

Spring Cleaning Pro Tip#1: Laundry

Of course laundry is a weekly occurrence, or maybe even a daily one in your household. What we mean here is to do the laundry for those forgotten items we use all the time that may not get cleaned as often. Bed sheets, comforters, quilts, winter jackets, rugs, towels, mats, kitchen cloths and cushion covers should be washed and dried thoroughly. Scarves, mittens, gloves and hats all get a beating during winter, so keep those items clean too!

Spring Cleaning Pro Tip#2: Purge

What better way to start a new year than to purge those items you haven’t used since 2015! You know what they are! Clear out your closets and donate what you can. Items such as clothing and shoes would definitely benefit someone else, as well as old toys.

Spring Cleaning Pro Tip#3: Meds

Time to check your medicine cabinet. Throw out meds that have passed their expiration dates. Make sure you are well stocked for this new year including supplies such as masks, cotton swabs, bandages, hand sanitizer and hot/cold packs.

Spring Cleaning Pro Tip#4: Deep Clean

Do a final deep clean of your house – a good scrub down. Get those dusty corners and behind the toilet. Clean your carpet thoroughly as well as your child’s toys. Clean the air filters in your heating units and change your air purifiers if needed as well. Clean the cooking range and the inside of those toaster ovens. It’s a big job, but one you’ll be glad you did.

Spring Cleaning Pro Tip#5: Reward

Give yourself something to look forward to after you clean. A nice long bath, a deep tissue massage or a movie night in! Not only will it be a great way to relax after the hard work, it will motivate you to finish the job!

Spring into the new year with a good clean-up session!

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