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In learning any new language, reading is probably the ultimate goal for a youngster. To help get them started and to foster a love of reading, set aside time every day to read to your little one. Many parents enjoy bedtime reading because it gets them ready for bed with a night time ritual and a quiet activity. Here’s what to look for when choosing the right books to start your own personal library.


Book Tip #1: Repetition and Rhyme

Look for books with lots of repetition and a rhyming scheme. This helps children recognize words and keeps it interesting with a rhyming scheme – kids will start to remember the story through repetition and the rhyming helps kids with sounds and anticipating words. This all helps with learning new words.


Book Tip# 2: Great Illustrations

With amazing visuals and interesting images, great picture books can help bring the story to life for a child. Look for books with beautiful illustrations to help add to their imagination.


Book Tip# 3: Pop-Up Books

Another great way to bring the story to life is through fun pop-ups. These books use cute ways to pop characters and scenes out and keep things fun for kids.


Book Tip# 4: Sensory Books

We love books that incorporate the senses especially with touch. Look for books with different textures for kids to touch and feel. It’s not only fun but also helpful in learning about different textures.



Book Tip# 5: Lift-the-Flap

Lifting the flaps with these books makes it fun to reveal pictures or answers for kids. You can use these books to work gross motor skills and ask your child to lift the flaps.


Book Tip# 6: Audio Books

Sometimes listening to audio books is even more interesting than reading them yourself. Some include background noises to bring the story to life. This is a fun way to follow a story and the sounds make you feel like you’re right there in the story.


These are just a few different kinds of books that you can read with your little one. Starting them on the path to reading starts with great books!


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