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The National Holiday - 70 years!

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The National Holiday in China is quickly approaching and if you’re in Shanghai, you may notice the streets are beginning to feel a lot quieter these days.

The first week of October, aptly named “Golden Week,” celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Many people take this time to go away on vacation or visit relatives in other cities or countries.

If you’re out and about with your little one this holiday, be sure to stay safe with these tips below!

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Tip #1: Keep An Eye Out

If you’ll be on vacation or touring a new area, always make sure you know where your child is. Even a split second could change a situation, so be safe and keep a watchful eye on your toddler.

Tip #2: Travel First Aid Kit

Be prepared for any unexpected accidents with a well-stocked travel first aid kit. You never know when you’ll need to disinfect a cut or put a bandage on. Also make sure medication is still within its use-by date.

Tip #3: Travel Insurance

Make sure you and your family are covered with travel insurance if you plan on making any trips during the holidays.

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Tip #4: Water and Sun Protection

This tip goes for both you and your toddler. Stay well hydrated and make sure you have sufficient sun protection such as sunscreen, hats and sunglasses if you’ll be traveling to a sunny destination. Reapply sunscreen often if you’ll be outside for extended periods of time.

Lastly, have a great time, take loads of pictures and enjoy the experience of a great long holiday! See you very soon!

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