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A typical day at preschool involves several different activities and learning centres. At Busy Bee, our mornings include a table activity, circle time, recess, snack time, art time, learning centre and the mid-day circle time. Phew! Lucky kids!

So when it comes to transitioning into the next activity, there are a few different techniques we like to use. Perhaps you’ll find them helpful as well!

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Lights Out

Before each activity, turning the lights out for a while helps to calm everyone down and to serve as a reminder that the current activity has ended. Sometimes this technique is used when the classroom gets a bit too rowdy as well, so be sure to explain clearly why the lights are out.

Heads Down

With the lights out approach, we also like to include ‘heads down’. This helps to give a bit of a rest in between activities and to have students be calm and ready for the next one! Ask students to put their heads down on the table while the lights are out.

Hands on the Table

Another quick transition is to ask students to put both hands on the table before the next activity. This gets busy hands to be occupied and focused while waiting for the next instruction.

Counting Down

Another way to transition into the next activity is to count down with the class. You can also have them say the next activity with you after you count down. For example, you could say: “Ok, 3, 2, 1, CIRCLE TIME!”

Ask the Class

Finally, a great way to remind students of the next activity is to ask them what it is. This serves as a great transition because it helps students think about what is next and keeps the routines in place. When they know what to expect, they will be ready for it!

We hope these techniques help you transition well during class!

Come and see the buzz! Only at Busy Bee!

Have a BEE-utiful day!