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Year-end Activities!

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When the year comes to a close, it’s always a nice time to celebrate the ending ofone year and the beginning of the next! How do you like to celebrate the new year? For us, our yearend activities include wintry ones and fun ones for the kids. Read on for our top three activities to do at the end of the year!  

Outdoor Winter Activities 

If you’re lucky to experience a true cold winter, head outdoors and get in on thefun winter activities in your area! Go ice-skating, tubing, skiing or snowboarding! Make a snowman or snow angels and enjoy the frosty snow while you can!   

Yearend Lists 

If you’re planning on staying indoors for the rest of the year, why not gather thefamily and make your own yearend lists! You can create your own top ten lists! Some examples would be: family memories of the year, best movies of 2021, or a photo collage of the best pictures you took this year! Get creative and have fun with your family while making these awesome lists!   

Count down 

If you plan on staying awake to ring in the new year on New Year’s Eve, make aparty out of it! Have your own New Year’s Eve party at home or invite other family members or close friends to join in on the festivities! Make some party favours and have the kids help decorate the house while you say good-bye to 2021 and hello to 2022!   

Whatever you plan on doing for your yearend activities, we hope it’s a fun and safe timewith those you love! Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year!   

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