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2D and 3D

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Shapes are super fun to introduce and teach young kids. Shapes actually help children learn about problem solving, as most toys using shapes are shape sorters. Kids naturally start moving shapes around to make things fit, figuring out how to naturally “solve the problem.”

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For 2D shapes, or two-dimensional shapes, the usual suspects we see on our classroom walls are: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, and diamond. These shapes are flat and drawn from an XY plane (thus making them 2D).

3D shapes are the three-dimensional ones that appear to have depth and can be held physically. The usual shapes taught are: cube, rectangular prism, pyramid, cone, cylinder, sphere and triangular prism.

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A fun way to teach 2D shapes is by incorporating them into your art projects. These would include cutting out shapes from paper and gluing them onto a sheet to make a shape or picture.

For 3D shapes, things get more interesting and these activities would be considered “STEM” projects as you may be asking children to create a 3D shape using different materials like popsicle sticks and magic clay. These are great projects to try in the classroom!

Teaching 2D and 3D shapes are loads of fun! Get creative with your projects today!

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