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A favourite topic in early education classrooms is colours! We love all the fun things you can do with colours and have some tips on how to keep it interesting, fun and educational!

Use Flash Cards

When teaching colours, flash cards are great in quickly grabbing their attention as well as associating colours with different everyday items or what they may see in nature. Two-sided cards also serve this purpose of showing them a colour and the associated image on the back. For example, you can have the word and colour on one side – “green” – and then an image of grass on the other.

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Another way to incorporate colours into lessons is to make it a game to identify colours. You can do this simply with matching colours to objects with the same colours or the classic memory card game where kids are asked to flip over cards trying to make a match!


Teaching colour names can be done easily by singing colour songs. Repetitious choruses help with remembering colour words and adding movement to the songs also help reinforce those ideas – think wave motions for “blue ocean.”

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Art Projects

Finally, art projects make learning about colours fun and hands-on! Certain art projects capture the use of colour very well such as rainbow art or using primary and secondary colours. The primary colours are red, blue and yellow while the secondary ones are orange, purple and green. Mixing primary colours to make secondary ones is also a great experiment to do to teach children about colours!

Teaching colours is super fun and very visually appealing! Keep it colourful!

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