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Back To School!

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One great thing about the end of summer is the start of school! Who doesn’t love the crisp fall weather, the smell of newly sharpened pencils and fun teachers to look forward to?! Here are our favourite ways to get ready for back-to-school!

Tip #1: Morning Routine

Getting ready for back-to-school starts with routines at home. This eases the little ones into getting used to a regular schedule, especially if you need to leave home a bit early to get to school. Set the alarm and get used to waking up toddlers with a fun song or stretch. Start the day with a nutritious meal and get ready for fun!

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Tip #2: Backpack Essentials

Another great way to introduce small kids to the idea of pre-school is to go backpack shopping with them. Pick out a backpack together and shop for essential items such as water bottles, lunch boxes and snack containers. If they are able to use eating utensils, you can pick them out as well. Make it a fun excursion and ask your toddler what they would like to use at school. Knowing they will get to use their own items at schools gives them something to look forward to!

Tip #3: Walk To School Before School

If your toddler will be joining a new centre in the fall, a great introduction would be to walk and see the centre before they start. That way, they will become familiar with their new school and perhaps ask questions about it, getting them excited to start! This may also help with separation anxiety in the first few weeks.

Tip #4: Talk About School

Talking to your young one about school before it starts is another wonderful preview to their new experience. You can tell them about new kids they may meet, new teachers they will learn from and how to play nicely when they get there. You can also remind them to practice their listening skills in class and to share toys with others. And finally don’t forget to tell them about how much FUN it will be to play all day! YAY!

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We certainly love back-to-school time and are confident your child will too! Looking forward to seeing you in September!

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