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Fall Prep!

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When the leaves start turning colour and the weather gets a bit chillier at night, you know that summer is winding down and autumn will be coming right around the corner. Of course all good things must come to an end and as much as we’ll miss those lazy summer days, the crisp, cool air is definitely a welcome change!

Something to think about when we start feeling the temperature drop is preparing for the cooler season. Here are some items to check off your fall prep list:

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Fall Prep #1: Clean Air Filters

At home, it may be a good idea to check those air filters and replace them if necessary. Cleaning out the filters in air conditioning units is also a great way to ensure the air is clean at home.

Fall Prep #2: Sleep Easy

Start cleaning those thicker duvets and blankets and get them ready for cooler nights. With each season change, it’s a great reminder to flip those mattresses to balance them out.

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Fall Prep #3: Pill Check

Take a look at your medicine cabinet at home and get rid of any medicine that is passed its use-by date. Restock on any medication you’ll need such as cough medicine or allergy pills.

Fall Prep #4: Decorate

If you’re into decorating, change up the atmosphere at home and bring in some cute fall decorations like fake leaves, pumpkins or acorns. You can even make this a fun arts and crafts activity with your toddler. Have them paint decorative pumpkins or squash in nice autumn colours like red, brown and orange, and create fun centerpieces at home with them.

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Fall Prep #5: Fall Clothing

With another season gone and a new one on its way, we realize how fast time really does fly! Fall time definitely gives us a reason to take out our fall clothing and perhaps restock on socks and footwear. Light outerwear and sweaters may also need to be restocked especially for growing toddlers.

Get ready for cooler days and longer nights!

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