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Building Memories

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The early years go by in a blur; hours turn to days, then weeks then months. And just when you are spent at the end of the day, you wonder why time moves so fast after having children and you want it to slow down! We get it!

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So how do you make the moments last? The best way is to build those memories so you have something to look back on! Here are some of our favourite ways to build memories:

Experience Something New

One of the best ways to build a new memory is to experience a new activity or place together! Check out a new playground or visit a petting zoo. The new experience will create wonderful new memories for the whole family!

Try a New Recipe

When you create a new food dish, make it a special event and announce to the family you’ll be making a new dish! Have your family savour it and ask what they like about it. Hopefully it will make it into your regular rotation of meals! Pro tip: include little helping hands (your kids) to help with your meal preparation! They will enjoy it even more when they have a part in making it.

Get a New Family Board Game

They say a family that plays together, stays together! We are sure this is true because family game night is super duper fun! Build new memories with new games every couple of months and keep the excitement coming!

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Family Scrapbooking

Building memories also means to spend some quality time looking back at fond memories together. Make time for scrapbooking and looking through pictures of great times together! Kids will also enjoy making a family scrapbook that they can look back on anytime! Print out those wonderful pictures and get creative!

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We hope your memories are great in number and sweet in nature! Cheers!

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