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With everything that’s happened this year, the idea of taking a trip is either going to look really good to you right now or evoke a creeping sense of fear. We hope it’s the first one!

So, if you are looking to get out with your young ones, here’s a list of our favourite types of trips to take!

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Day Trip

If you want to check out a new place, but aren’t looking to stay overnight, go on a day trip! Some great ideas for day trips include: aquariums, zoos, parks, museums, and special events in town. Check out what’s happening in your community and have a great day with your family!

Cottage Getaway

Looking to spend some quality time outside in nature? A great way to accomplish this is to stay at a cottage in the countryside. A few days away are great to recharge your batteries and most cottages may even be near bodies of water. Your children can enjoy water sports or simply just relax in nature. The best part about a cottage is that the whole cottage is yours to rent, so you really get to spend time with your loved ones without sharing with strangers.

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Theme Park Trip

A guaranteed crowd pleaser for kids is to visit a theme park! Whether for a day or a couple of days, theme parks are the ultimate in fun entertainment. There are exciting rides to experience, games to play and shows to watch, not to mention the delicious food!

Road Trip

Another great way to see the world without having to fly there is to take a road trip! There are plenty of places to see, from famous rivers and lakes to mountains and bridges! Get in the car and take to the road on your next trip!


Finally, taking a trip always brings to mind airplanes and hotels. If you’re feeling the need to get even farther away, plan a vacation! Many places have kid-friendly clubs or programs on site or amenities such as water slides, pools and play areas. You can also take advantage of resort style hotels that include all the fun you need to feel like you’re on vacation!

Where will you take your family next? The world is your oyster!!

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