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Cleaning Up!

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As expected, classroom activities can get messy. Picture toys everywhere, art supplies strewn about and books on the floor. ‘Tis preschool life! Thankfully, an important part about preschool is the clean-up!

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Why do we love cleaning up so much? For one, we need to organize our space. A neat and tidy room allows for better management of resources. Also, it looks better! Keeping your workspace clear of clutter makes it easier to get around the class and to find your supplies quickly.

And another important reason is to teach students cleaning up is everyone’s responsibility! When we all pitch in and clean up, everyone learns to work together and get it done. Cleaning up together as a group also sets the standard for what is expected after each activity. It is important to lay down these ground rules so that kids understand that cleaning up is everyone’s job!

Some ways to get the cleaning started is to count down to clean-up time. You can remind students when they have 5 minutes to go, 3 minutes then 1 minute. This helps with time management as well!

Using a clean-up song also makes the process more enjoyable. You can sing one and have the kids join you or play a song on the speakers. There are some great ones to use and it really gets kids going!

During the cleaning, always thank the students for putting things away. This extra reminder of gratitude will show how much we appreciate their help!

Keeping things clean and tidy is everyone’s job! Make it fun and part of your daily routine!

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