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Advice For New Preschool Teachers

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So, you’re done with your education and are now ready to take it to the next level. Or perhaps you’ve already been teaching for a while, but have decided to try a new age group. No matter the reason, if you’ve decided to try teaching at preschool, here’s some sage advice for you!

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Be Prepared

Make sure to know what you’re teaching, what topics you’ll be covering in the class and what your responsibilities are. Get to know your team, your classroom, where your supplies are, and where the important safety equipment is.

Be Engaging

When you work with small children, your energy is infectious and welcomed! See the world with their eyes and bring your special brand of enthusiasm to the classroom. When you are engaging, your audience will be captivated and entertained.

Be Curious

Get to know your students and observe how they act and react in different situations. This will help when communicating with them and will aid in building a great teacher-student bond.

Be Patient

This may go without saying, but when working with small children, patience is definitely a virtue. You may find yourself at your wit’s end sometimes, but remember that kids will be kids. Remember to be patient and to enjoy your time there!

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Be Yourself

Finally, when it comes to teaching, being yourself is the best way to stay authentic, genuine and fun! Keep a sense of humour about you and you’ll always have a great time! Soon enough, it will no longer seem like work, but rather, a great day having fun with kids!

We hope these tips will help you if you’re planning on working at a preschool!

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