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Development Focus

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Developmental Focus – Social Skills

At Busy Bee, we stress the importance of developing the different areas in a child’s life, especially in the early stages of life. These developmental areas include: social-emotional, language, physical and cognitive areas. These crucial areas in a child’s life help them to adapt and grow, as well as utilize their gross motor skills.

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Social skills are important in fostering good communication habits. At Busy Bee, we encourage students to play in groups and to participate in group activities. Our “Free Play” time is perfect for children to experience group play with other children and many enjoy this time of the day!

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Something to consider at home:

DIY: Play Dates

Scheduling weekly or monthly play dates with children of the same age as your child is a great way to incorporate social skills. Playing together will help them learn to share toys and to take turns. It is also a fun way to encourage communication skills among children.

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