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Developmental Focus - Physical

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At Busy Bee, we incorporate four areas of development for kids: language, social-emotional, cognitive and physical. We believe these areas should be well developed and our various activities utilize different aspects to help kids learn and grow.


Physical development is very important and as such, our copious amounts of playtime help with gross motor skills – grabbing, holding, walking and using different large muscle groups.


Art time is also great for kids to start using their hands and fingers, developing their fine motor skills. They start by using crayons, pencils and paintbrushes. While enjoying a fun art activity, they are also improving their dexterity and fine motor skills. Now that’s what we call a win-win!


Here are a few ways you can help your child grow and improve their physical abilities at home!


Activity #1: Playground Fun

There are so many great playgrounds around Shanghai and possibly even in your own residence. Many communities have fun playgrounds to let your little one play, run around and even make some new friends. We highly recommend spending time at a playground and being a kid again!


Activity #2: Go Hiking or to the Park

Now that springtime is here, the weather is perfect for a short hike around a park. You can incorporate fine motor skills on your walk by picking up different kinds of pebbles and sticks. It’s a great way to get in touch with nature too while working different muscle groups.


Activity #3: Your Little Helper

Another great way to work your toddler’s fine motor skills is to ask them to help around the house with you. You can ask them to help clean up their toys, help put bowls on the table to set it, or even with folding laundry. Not only will they feel happy they are helping you, they will also be working their hands and fingers.


Activity #4: Art Projects

Art is great because with any project, you’re guaranteed to be working your hands and fingers. Start doing home DIY art projects with your toddler and create something beautiful all while using their fine motor skills!


Activity #5: Play Sports

Playing simple sports is great because they will use their large muscle groups by running, walking, reaching, etc. It can be an organized sport activity like soccer, or even just playing catch outside. There are lots of fun sport activities you can do!



Working on the physical development of your child is lots of fun! We hope you try some of these ideas at home and have a blast doing them!


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Have a BEE-utiful day!


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