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Spring Time

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The weather’s finally starting to warm up here in Shanghai and we couldn’t be happier for another new season to begin! Spring time is a beautiful time of year, especially in Shanghai as many trees bloom these wonderful pink blossoms!

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With a new season rolling in, it’s a perfect time to teach your little one about the changing weather and climate! At Busy Bee, we have themes throughout the year and change them every month. We are always talking about new themes and ideas and for spring we get to explore nature and the world around us!

Here are some fun spring time activities you can do at home to reinforce our themes of spring and nature!

Activity #1: The Silkworm Cycle

For a great hands-on experience of the silkworm cycle, you can buy eggs and watch the magic happen at home with these amazing little creatures! Watch and observe the eggs hatch into silkworms that feed exclusively on mulberry leaves. Then, after the cocooning period, the amazing moths emerge!

Activity #2: Flower Spotting

Spring is a great time to take a stroll outside and see all the pretty pink flowers in bloom for spring! Ask your child how many different kinds of flowers they can spot and the different colours they see! It’s a great way to get outside and explore the great outdoors!

Activity #3: Plant Sprouts

For another wonderful way to experience nature, plant some bean sprouts! Start by germinating the beans in wet paper towels. Then plant them in soil and place by the window. Watch as the bean sprouts grow and talk to your child about the plant cycle!

Activity #4: Bubbles!

Now that the weather is nicer, it’s a great reason to go outside and play with bubbles! You can make your own with some liquid dishwashing detergent and water bottles. Cut the bottoms of the bottles off and dip the open end in a solution of soap and water. Then carefully blow bubbles from the bottle. See how big you can blow them!

We hope you enjoy these great activities with your little ones. Spring time is a great time of year! Get outside, enjoy the sunshine and nice weather and have fun! That’s really what it’s all about!

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Have a BEE-utiful day!


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