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Family Rituals

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With our busy schedules and our super fast-paced lifestyles these days, it may be somewhat challenging to find time together as a family at home. We can certainly understand today’s changing circumstances and what it takes to keep going. However, we truly believe that home is where the heart is and by creating your own family rituals, you can stay connected to those that matter to you most!

So, what exactly are family rituals? A family ritual is simply a set of repeatable behaviours that mean something to a family. They help families feel bonded and connected while creating long lasting memories and a feeling of togetherness. These rituals can be done daily, monthly or during special holidays.

Here are some examples of family rituals that you actually may already do now!

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Family Ritual #1: Special Meal or Dish

A great way to get family members together is through food! Who doesn’t love a great home-cooked meal? Putting together a special dish or meal on a special day is an instant way to create a family ritual. Perhaps you make an old family recipe every Spring Festival or on someone’s birthday.

Family Ritual #2: Family Heirloom

Another amazing ritual that is very personal is passing down family heirlooms. These heirlooms carry their own special family stories and help remind us of where we came from. Do you have any special family heirlooms at home now? Who will you pass yours onto?

Family Ritual #3: Family Vacation Spots

Perhaps you enjoy celebrating at a specific place every year? Family vacation spots are great ways to build a relationship with each other as well as with a particular place. Maybe it is even a family property like a summer cottage that you frequent every summer or a relative’s house that you visit every winter. Visiting the same places together definitely create that bond that lasts generations.

Family Ritual #4: Family Portraits

A great way to keep track of your changing family is to take portraits every year or every few years. This is also a fun way to do something together and have keepsake photos of every family member.

Family Ritual #5: Small Gestures/Activities

Finally, a simple way of creating a family ritual is to take a small gesture or activity and to do it together at special times of the year. For example, if you celebrate Christmas, a fun family ritual would be decorating the tree together, or simply lighting special holiday candles at the dinner table. These simple and repeated rituals help bring families together and create wonderful emotions along the way.

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Which family rituals will you implement today? Which do you already do? We hope your family rituals bring much love and happiness year-round!

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