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Farm Visit!

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Having trouble thinking of new and interesting places to take your toddler this fall? Want to enjoy a fun day outdoors while seeing something different? Why not try a fun farm day!

With the fall air swirling around, the atmosphere really does get us in the mood to be outdoors to enjoy the crisp air! Visiting a farm during this time is perfect in most regions as it’s also around harvest time, when crops are ready for picking. Some farms also have different farm animals to see and that is also a nice surprise for curious little ones.

Here are a few farms you may want to visit in your area if they are available!

Pumpkin Farm

The perfect farm to visit to find that perfect Halloween pumpkin! These farms usually also grow different kinds of squash and root vegetables, so you can also bring home some squash to eat or decorate!

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Dairy Farm

Want to show your child how milk is processed? A dairy farm usually allows visitors to come and learn about the milking process, while seeing some of their cattle and maybe even some calves!

Fruit and Vegetable Farm

The summer season is usually when fruits and vegetables are ready for picking, depending on the weather and harvest times, but October can yield some great crops such as apples, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, greens, and pears. Look for farms where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables, making it a fun excursion for your little one!

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Petting Farm

Sometimes called petting zoos, these places offer visitors animals to see and interact with such as rabbits, deer, pigs and other farm animals. Petting farms may also have other activities for their visitors and usually caters to young ones. Hayrides and pony rides may also be available!

Check out what’s in your area and make it a fun fall day at the farm!

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Have a BEE-utiful day!