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Fresh Lunch Ideas!

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Have you been thinking of changing up the usual lunches you’ve been packing for yourkids? Are they getting a little too used to eating leftovers from dinner everyday? Time to change it up! Read on for some fresh lunch ideas that’ll keep yourlittle ones happy, full and satisfied!   

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Egg Bites 

For those who love to eat eggs, making your own egg bites are easy and healthy! Youcan even sneak in some vegetables too! We like ones with peppers, cheese andham. Get your kids involved and ask them to add in their favourite healthyingredients!   

Pasta Salad 

For those hot summer days, packing a cool lunch like pasta salad is a great changefrom a hot lunch! For pasta salad, you can add raw vegetables like peppers,broccoli and tomatoes. If your kid likes cheese, a great one to add is feta!Dressing the salad is easy – look for ones that are vinegar-based. Another tasty alternative is to make a creamy pasta salad like macaroni salad. Add boiled eggs or ham for protein!   

Wraps and Finger Sandwiches 

Grab a tortilla shell and start wrapping! You can add cooked chicken, vegetables andcondiments to make a really delicious wrap. Also, cutting the wrap into smallcylinders make them look almost too cute to eat (but we are sure they will begone by the time lunch is over!) Not feeling the wraps? Try making fresh finger sandwiches. We like tuna salad, egg salad or even cucumbers to make the filling. Make sure to cut the crusts and cut the sandwiches into smaller rectangles for your kids to devour!   

We are sure these awesome lunch ideas will liven up your little one’s lunch box!Serve some fresh and delicious food today!   

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