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Free Summer Time Activities

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Oh, how we love the summertime! Sunny days and time to play! This summer, beforeyou break the bank with lavish vacations and overpriced amusement park food, why not try these frugal ways to spend your summer days! Having fun doesn’t always mean having to spend a lot of money. Instead, take a moment and enjoy what’s right outside your door!     

Parks and Recreation 

There are many parks, playgrounds, and outdoor spaces readily available for your usethat are usually free! Some even have beautiful ponds and wildlife for you and your little ones to enjoy. Pack a picnic and you’re good to go!    

Beach Time 

For those who live close to a sandy shore, taking the kids to the nearby beach isalways a great idea! Make sure to pack lots of water, a lunch and fresh fruit to munch on. Bring towels and a mat to sit on and don’t forget the sunscreen!   

Backyard Camping 

If you have the space, why not bring the camping experience close to home withthis idea. Use a tent and spend the night outside in your own backyard! Make a campfire (if you have a firepit) and toast some marshmallows for those s’mores. Sing your favourite camp songs and enjoy a night under the stars!   


The smell of BBQ should be the official smell of summertime! Spend your summer withmore than just a few BBQ days or evenings. Fire up that grill and eat outside for the full experience! Hot dogs, hamburgers, and grilled veggies are all great on the BBQ!   

Mall Time 

If you’re feeling the heat a little too much this summer, take it indoors andstroll around the nearest mall. There are lots of malls that offer free activities for kids, so look out for them! A lazy afternoon at the mall is a great way to window shop and enjoy a cool, AC-filled day when you’re a little too hot from the sun.   

We hope you’re enjoying your summer! Stay cool and have fun!   

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