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Functional Dressing

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When the weather starts changing, it’s time to get those clothes out of storage andonto the kids! But have you thought about functional dressing? Do their clothes also have specific functions that help with daily life?   

With all the selection we have these days, you can definitely incorporate somefunctional clothing into the mix. This simply means looking for clothes that have extra features that are useful. Read on for some things to look for!   

Pockets Galore! 

Lookf or clothing with pockets. Zippered or Velcro closures help with keepingvaluables inside. These pockets can also hold important information such as your child’s name and address in case of emergencies.    

Extra Lining 

For colder weather, look for extra lining to keep your kiddies warm. Fleece-linedpants and hoodies work well in cold temperatures. To keep little feet warm, look for thicker socks and even faux fur-lined boots.     

Helpful Loops 

Look for clothing with helpful loops. For tops and jackets, these can be near theneck area so it makes it easier to hang them up on hooks (public washrooms, classrooms, etc). Other loops can help with clipping on lightweight items. For example, a keychain loop for keys or for clipping items onto larger ones like mittens clipped to jackets are useful.   

We hope these ideas help with your next shopping trip!   

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