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Classroom Helpers

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Are you having a hard time keeping up with the little tasks that need to be donethroughout the day? Need an extra pair of hands? Consider getting the kids involved!    

Having some help around the classroom is super useful and getting your students in onthe action is even better! Here are some great ways to incorporate little hands to help around the classroom!   

Set Up a Schedule 

This is a great way to ensure that everyone gets a turn at being your helper for theday or for the week. Set up a visual calendar that clearly shows who the helper is by putting their picture up. You can also show who the next helper is to get them prepared for it.   

Set Up Tasks 

As for the tasks, you can keep things simple by assigning specific tasks that the helperwill help you with daily. This will also prepare the next helper because they will already know what to expect. Some examples of tasks can be: choosing the book to read, handing out art supplies or helping with line-up time.    

Being Thankful 

When the day has come to an end, a great way to show appreciation and to instill theidea of gratitude, make it a point to thank the helper in front of the class and to give them a round of applause. This will show that helping is appreciated as well as give the student a boost of confidence because they are able to help out and complete tasks for the classroom.   

Everyone needs a little help and having classroom helpers will instill confidence inlittle hands! Win-win!   

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Have a BEE-utiful day!