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Get Kids In The Kitchen

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Food brings people together and having a positive relationship with food starts early. With all the news these days about child obesity on the rise, creating a healthy relationship with food is needed now more than ever!

We have some great tips on how to get kids in the kitchen and to start looking at food differently. Read on!

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Tip #1: Get Involved

The best way to start a relationship with food is to recognize it. Get kids in the kitchen and have them involved in meal prep! Have them wash vegetables and fruit. Keep it interesting with a variety of different vegetables and show them how awesome food is!

Tip #2: Cooking Class

Got a free afternoon? Get your kids in the kitchen and teach them how to make something simple. Get your hands dirty and have a great time making something delicious and healthy!

Tip #3: Grocery Shopping

Have a great time choosing healthy vegetables and fruit when you are out grocery shopping. Take your kids with you and make it a fun trip to see which vegetables they want to try! Point out the different colours they see and talk about how great they are for their health!

Tip #4: Have an Afternoon Smoothie

When the afternoon munchies hit, why not switch up the snacks and make a healthy smoothie instead? Your kids will enjoy choosing the ingredients (stick to healthy fruits and vegetables). Use a blender to mix it up and sip something healthy for an afternoon snack!

Tip #5: Try New Recipes

A great way to experience food is to make new recipes! Try the latest super foods or a new vegetable! Check out the countless recipes online and have fun exploring your culinary side. The exposure to all the healthy options out there will leave a lasting impression on your kids and help them make better food choices in the future!

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Food is nourishing and healthy and the sooner we talk about it with our kids the better their relationship with food will be. Get them in the kitchen and have fun!

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