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Have Indoor and Outdoor Rules!

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When it comes to toddlers, they will do whatever it takes to get outside! Once they get a whiff of freedom, zoooom, look out! Make sure you have energy to keep up!

So when it comes to playing outside and even inside, there should definitely be some ground rules to follow to make sure everyone is safe and having a great time! Here are a few of our favourites to keep in mind!

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Indoor Rule #1: Walk Safely

This rule helps with active kids who love to run everywhere. If your living space doesn’t allow for running, keep this rule in mind. When inside, walk safely.

Indoor Rule #2: Ask An Adult First

This rule is important for curious kids who like to get into things. Make sure they learn to ask first before touching something or eating something, especially if they have a food allergy such as a nut allergy.

Indoor Rule #3: Indoor Voices

Indoor voices are important so they learn what is normal when it comes to speaking volume. This encourages kids to talk in a normal volume instead of shouting for things they want. This is also important to teach children for when they are in public indoor spaces such as restaurants and friends’ houses.

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Outdoor Rule #1: Stay Close

Once you are outside, this rule is very important to learn. Make sure your kids know to stay close to you when outside and to always know where you are.

Outdoor Rule #2: Ask Before Touching

This rule applies when your child is interested in what they see on the ground outside. Before you get your antibacterial spray out, teach them to ask before touching something. Learning about the world will always include experiencing it, but just to stay on the safe side, make sure they learn to ask you first before they start touching things.

Outdoor Rule #3: Respect Others

When they start exploring the outside world, they will likely make new friends at playgrounds and on play dates. Ensure a fun time for everyone involved by teaching your kids the importance of respecting others. This includes playing nicely, taking turns and sharing toys.

Playing indoors and outdoors should be fun and exciting! Having these ground rules will make sure it is also safe. What are some of your favourite rules for indoor and outdoor play?

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