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Come see the buzz!


It’s about that time again when we get to dress up as our favourite Disney character or a ghost or a superhero! We get to ask for treats and carve pumpkins. Oh yes, it’s HALLOWEEN TIME!


This is such a fun time of year for kids as they get to live out different characters in costumes and play dress-up for a night. This year was a blast at Busy Bee and everyone enjoyed pumpkin carving, costumes and, of course, the Halloween treats!


We love introducing these fun holidays to children, especially if it’s their first Halloween experience!


We also incorporated the theme of Halloween into our artwork and the kids thoroughly enjoyed creating spooky Halloween art! Not only is it great for their fine motor skills, but also a fun and creative activity for them.


The team also had a little Halloween fun after dark as well! We love our team activities and this year’s Halloween party was spooky fun! YAY! A team that plays together stays together!


Wishing you all had a wonderful and happy Halloween! Boooo!


Come and see the buzz! Only at Busy Bee!


Have a BEE-utiful day!


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