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Healthy Food Games

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Teaching children about the importance of healthy eating has never been more needed.Today, our shelves are full of unhealthy snacks full of processed food and sugar. As much as we enjoy a tasty treat now and then, it is best to teach our little ones about eating healthy.  

Here are some games you can play today to teach kids about eating healthy.   

Guess the Vegetable Game 

This is a great way to introduce different vegetables to your children while havingfun. Put different vegetables in containers and blindfold your child. Have them taste and guess what the vegetable is. You can use raw veggies like carrots and broccoli or cooked ones like squash and peppers.    

Create a Vegetable Person 

For the creative types, this is a fun way to actually play with your food! Use rawveggies and create veggie people. You can use toothpicks to join the parts together – just make sure your child is able to use them without poking themselves with the toothpicks. You can also lay out the veggie person on a plate. Don’t forget to eat your creation when you’re done!   

Fruits and Veggies Board Game 

For this game, you can create your own board. On your board, draw pictures ofdifferent fruits and vegetables. Roll a die and whichever picture you land on, you get to eat! This is a fun way to show your child all different kinds of healthy fruits and vegetables by eating them! Delicious!   

Introducing healthy treats will help your child recognize them, try them and love them!   

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