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Colour Games

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When it comes to learning, making it fun also makes it memorable. At preschool, manygames are meant to help kids learn a new concept or to remember importantwords. When teaching kids about colours, you can also incorporate these fungames to keep it interesting and fun!  

Guess the Colour Game 

Thisgame works similarly to the popular children’s game, Guess Who. Kids canplay in pairs. Using a board with different colours on it, one kid choosestheir favourite colour and the other tries to guess which one it is.   

Colour Match Game with Words 

For this game, you can use the same board as the Guess the Colour Gameabove. Then print out the colour words. Have kids match up the colour with thematching colour word. See who can match them up the quickest! You can also makethe game more challenging by creating different colour boards to fill out withthe colours in different positions.   

Colour Sorting Game 

For this game, first prepare the game pieces. Have kids paint dry pasta in thecolours of the rainbow. Then, label jars with the name of each colour. Finally,have kids sort the pasta into the corresponding jars. This is a fun way tolearn about colours while also utilizing their fine motor skills!    

Help kids learn their colours by making it fun with games!   

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