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Holiday Fun!

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Holiday Fun

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The holiday season is upon us and by that we mean the Christmas Season! We are sure you have already seen the beautiful Christmas trees and wintry displays at the large malls around Shanghai and we have to admit, we love this special time of year! Bring on the eggnog!

The holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends and an even better time for children. Creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime is really what this time is about. Here are some easy and fun tips to make it extra special this year!

Holiday Fun Tip #1: Get Your Picture Taken With Santa

A childhood memory that will stand the test of time – getting your Santa picture on! Check out the local malls for when Santa will be there so your child can get up close and personal with Jolly Old Nick himself for that holiday picture they’ll remember (and you’ll remember) for years to come!

Holiday Fun Tip #2: Make Hot Cocoa

Ahhh, the feeling of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day is perfection! Try making hot chocolate at home this season (and give Eleme a break). It can be as simple as heating milk on the stove with some cocoa powder and adding marshmallows or a minty candy cane to help stir it around. You and your child will have a sweet treat when the temperature drops!

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Holiday Fun Tip #3: Decorate a Christmas Tree

Some of our best memories come from the simplest actions, like putting up a Christmas tree. Take an afternoon and along with your child, put up your Christmas tree and have them help by adding ornaments and tinsel to it. You can even make a string of popcorn tinsel to decorate it by popping corn and taking a needle and thread to string together the popcorn. Have some Christmas music playing in the background and don’t forget the star at the top!

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Holiday Fun Tip #4: Decorate Your Own Stocking

A great way to get your kids involved during the holidays is by making their own stocking. Traditionally, a stocking is placed above a fireplace for Santa Claus to fill on Christmas Eve. Luckily, you don’t need a fireplace as an excuse to have a stocking stuffed! Purchase a large Christmas stocking (Taobao anyone?) and gather all your best decorating materials. Your child will have a blast adding glitter or pom-poms on their stockings to make it their own! Adding their name on the stocking also makes it special too.

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Holiday Fun Tip #5: Write Christmas Cards

The holiday season is a wonderful time when we can slow down a bit before the new year comes and think about who and what we are grateful for. This is also a great time to write Christmas cards to your family and friends. Your child will have a great time adding their names to the cards and decorating or even making their own Christmas cards to send to their family and friends.

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Holiday Fun Tip #6: Gifts

We couldn’t finish this list without mentioning one of the best parts of Christmas – the gifts! Now, instead of focusing on what they will receive, a great way to incorporate the idea of giving during the holiday season is to go shopping for presents for others with your child. Ask them what they think other family members and friends would like to get as a present. Then when you get home, wrap the gifts you bought together and talk about how happy you know the present will make the person feel. This will instill the idea that giving is just as important as receiving.

The holiday season is an amazing time and we hope these tips will add to the fun you’ll have with your child this Christmas!

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