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Safety Tips

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With the holidays here and lots of fun winter activities to be had, there’s no doubt you’ll be busy, out and about and probably chasing after your little one in the process. Don’t you just love the holidays?

Having fun is great, of course, but making sure your child is safe is a given. Here are some tips to keep safe this holiday season!

Safety Tip #1: ID Tag

Always ensure your child has an identification tag on them. These can be easily made, either with a protective plastic cover/case or with fabric and permanent marker. Include all your essential information such as: child’s name, parent’s names, telephone number, address and any allergy information. They can be secured with a safety pin or tied to the inside of their shirt/jacket.

Safety Tip #2: Allergies

Some of the best holiday treats are homemade, such as cookies, cake, and cupcakes – YUM! However, although we love eating treats, if your child has allergies, especially to nuts or shellfish, it is crucial to teach them not to accept food unless given by someone aware of their allergies. You can also have them wear medical bracelets with their allergies listed on them. Always carry epipens (epinephrine autoinjector) if required and make sure you communicate to your child about their allergies so they are aware of them.

Safety Tip #3: Stranger Danger

It’s never too early to start talking to your children about stranger danger. When out at the crowded malls and on busy streets, it is important to keep a close eye on your child and to make sure your hands are held. Discuss the dangers of talking to strangers with your children and make sure they keep close to you especially when in crowds. It is also important to tell them that sometimes strangers are being friendly and are actually not a danger to them, but in those times, mommy and/or daddy should be around when they are talking to them.

Safety Tip #4: Crossing Streets

Always teach your kids to hold hands with an adult and to look both ways before crossing the street. Point to the traffic lights and explain with the colours mean. Also, have kids observe the walking lights and the timer on them so they know how many seconds they have left for walking. This makes a great counting game as well!

Safety Tip #5: Help!

Teaching your child about safety is very important. Make sure they understand how to use the word “Help” properly. Of course, we never wish to actually use this word, but it is important to teach them safety skills.

Safety Tip #6: Tracking Technology

With advancements in technology today, we can definitely benefit from certain devices. It never hurts to have your child wear a watch that also has a built-in tracking system, just in case your child wanders off in a crowded mall. You can never be too cautious especially in such a busy city like Shanghai.

We hope these tips come in handy for you and that you enjoy a relatively stress-free holiday! Be safe and have fun!

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