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Holiday Tips For Teachers

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Holiday Tips for Teachers 

It’s an exciting time when the holidays are finally here! The fun parties, the greatoutings and the delicious meals! We are always thankful for the wonderful holiday season! And right around the corner is a brand-new year! There truly is so much to look forward to!   

To prepare for a productive new year, it’s nice to be reminded of the little tasksthat will help you get organized before the holidays. Here are some tips for all you fantastic teachers to end the year on a high note!   

Toys and Books 

Give toys a deep cleaning and fix any broken ones. Take an inventory of the toys andsee which ones need replacing. As for the books, fix torn pages or replace them with new ones.   

Supply Check 

Lookrn Work your supplies in the classroom and take note of which supplies needreplenishing. These supplies include art materials, science and engineering supplies, medical supplies and cleaning supplies. Also, this is a great time to throw out any expired supplies such as medicine in the first aid kit.    


Finally, make sure children get to take home art projects or other belongings that maybe in their cubbies. It is a great time to clean out cubbies and to give back napping blankets for families to clean over the holidays.   

We hope these holiday tips help you as you look forward to your holiday break!Thank you for all your hard work!   

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