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Holiday Treats!

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A great way to ring in the holidays is with some tasty treats! This year, tryyour hand at making some new holiday treats that are delicious and healthy! Spendthe afternoon with the family and start a new tradition where you make thesetreats only during the holiday season. Your kids will love looking forward to them every year!    

Roasted Chestnuts 

These are super fun to eat especially on a cold wintry day! Buy chestnuts and makesure to score them with a serrated knife before roasting them in a large pan. Afterabout 15 minutes on the stove, the chestnuts should be ready to peel and eat!    

Healthy Hot Chocolate 

To make a holiday staple healthier, try making a few adjustments to this sweetdrink. Instead of milk, use unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk to keep itdairy-free and low in fat. Use unsweetened cocoa powder to get that chocolatytaste and sweeten with maple syrup and some vanilla extract! Hot chocolate without the guilt! Now that’s a holiday miracle!   

Fruit Kabobs 

To incorporate nature’s candy, make cute fruit kabobs in fun holiday characters!Bananas, strawberries, apples and grapes are great choices to start with. Getcreative and have a fruit kabob contest with your family. See who can come upwith the cutest holiday kabob! Fun and tasty!   

Hope these delicious treats make your holidays even healthier and happier this year!   

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