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Homemade Snacks

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Are you struggling with getting snacks ready for your little ones and just end up grabbing whatever is convenient? You want to give them something healthy but also delicious? You don’t want to resort to highly processed cookies or crackers? We totally understand. Try your hand at making something healthy and fun to eat instead! We have got some great ideas for homemade snacks you can make ahead of time. Read on for some tasty healthy treats!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Apples

This is a twist on a classic sandwich. Instead of bread, cut slices of apples and add peanut butter and jelly to make sandwiches. So long as they do not have a peanut allergy, these make great tasty treats! Pro tip: Use organic natural peanut butter to cut down on the processed versions with added sugar.

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Veggie Pinwheels

These are perfect for snacking, as they are bite-sized! Using a round tortilla shell (the soft kind) spread your favourite dressing (mayo, sandwich spread, etc.) and then add chopped veggies such as cucumbers and peppers. Add some lettuce then roll it up. Cut them into sections and pack them up! Healthy and delicious!

Mini Sandwich Kebabs

Use kid-friendly skewers and make mini sandwich kebabs as a snack. Add whole wheat bread, fresh veggies and other fillers to create a fun and tasty snack! These can also double as a lunch option too! Eating food from a stick is always a fun experience too!

You can also play around with these ideas and experiment with your own homemade snacks! Your kids will also no doubt enjoy being good helpers in the kitchen with you!

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