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Sensory Play At Home

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When your young children are growing up, it’s important to keep their senses stimulated, aiding in their development. At preschool, there are lots of different activities that focus on sensory play. Why not introduce sensory play at home too? Here are some of our favourite activities to do at home!

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Plastic Fun Bags

Use large plastic bags that close airtight. Then fill them with different materials that can be fun to touch and squeeze. These bags are great for two reasons. Kids love touching and squeezing things especially if you put toys in them to move around. Secondly, they are completely mess-free! So long as that bag doesn’t open! We recommend slime or any gel-like substance to use.

Water Table

This is best to be used outdoors as water is involved. These tables are specifically used for water play with different towers and cups. Kids can practice scooping water into cups and pouring them out. You can also turn it into a fishing pond with magnetic fish!


Another great activity is playing with a sandbox, especially if you have an outdoor space like a backyard. Fill the box or table with sand and use water to make sand shapes. Kids will be able to utilize their fine motor skills while playing with the sand.

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Sight Play

To stimulate their sense of sight, you can play with shadow puppets and flashlights. Cut out some cool shapes and make your own shadow puppet show! Another sensory activity with sight is to use a magnifying glass to take a closer look at different objects at home. Look at plant leaves, insects and pets (if any). Kids will enjoy inspecting everyday objects at home discovering all the details they don’t always see!

Song and Dance

Encourage movement by singing and dancing with your kids at home! Put on their special playlist and have a dance party. This will work their gross motor skills (arms and legs). Listening to melodies and singing songs will help with recognizing words and sounds. It’s also a lot of fun too!

Keeping the senses engaged helps children learn and grow! Bring the excitement home with these ideas today!

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