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Keep a Health History

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We are in a culture of keeping track of things – keeping track of first steps, first words and first baby teeth. How about health history? How well do you keep track of your kid’s vaccinations and illnesses?

It is important to keep a health history of your child’s vaccinations and any major diseases or medical treatments. This helps in case your child’s doctor needs to know anything about their past medical history. Here are a few easy ways to keep track!

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Keep A Medical Journal

We are talking about good old pen and paper. Keep a notebook thick enough to keep track of every medical treatment and vaccination. Make note of dates and keep it safe. This will come in handy when you need to quickly jot information down.

Keep Track Electronically

If you are used to keeping important information on your computer, why not keep track of your children’s medical history there too? Save it somewhere easily accessible and make sure to keep it on a cloud too in case your electronic devices shut down.

Keep Track of Medicine and Dosages

Another important aspect of their medical history is medicine. When your child is prescribed medicine, keep track of the name and dosage in case your child develops an allergy. It is also great to make note of any side effects your child develops to report back to their doctor.

Keeping a track record of your child’s health history is important and can provide crucial information if your child is ever in an emergency. Stay healthy and happy!

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