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Enjoy Reading Before Bed

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One of the greatest joys of parenting has to be those quiet moments when it’s just you and your little one enjoying each other’s company. Those precious times are incredible and make everything worth it, don’t they? A great way to experience those special times is to read to your little one right before bed.

We believe reading to your children helps in more ways than you may think. Read on for why we love bedtime stories!

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Reason #1: Creates a Fun Bonding Ritual

When you read to your children, it instantly creates a fun bonding experience. They will look forward to your storytelling either through their favourite books or your best make-believe stories!

Reason #2: Sparks an Early Interest in Language

Reading to children early on in life also sparks curiosity and interest in literature and language. This is great especially if you read in different languages as you may have a bilingual environment at home.

Reason #3: Encourages Creativity

Reading also encourages children to use their imagination and creativity. This is fantastic as it helps in cognitive development. Asking questions about the story and getting their input also helps them understand different situations.

Reason #4: Helps Them Sleep

Reading can also help children sleep better as they relax and unwind right before bed by listening to a story. They can escape to another world and allow themselves to feel carried away.

Reason #5: It’s Entertaining

What better reason to read before bed than the fact that it is entertaining! Kids love to look at pictures and hear different stories. It is a fun activity for the both of you!

What are some of your favourite bedtime stories to read?

We hope you enjoy reading before bed with your little ones every night!

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