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Keep Talking

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Communication starts early and always at home. From those early days of baby talk to actual sentences, language development is a crucial part of growth – not to mention a fun one!

When kids begin to communicate with others, they start to express their wants and needs. Over time, they also start to share feelings and other emotions. To help them along, communication starts with talking at home and often. Read on for more benefits to talking at home!

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Sounds and Words

When you talk to your children, they listen to the different sounds and words you create. This helps them with pronunciation and aids in their own formation of words.


Talking can be about any topic at hand, even at the local grocery store. You can ask for their opinion about what to buy and wait for their response. By doing so, they start to understand that their opinions matter to you and learn to express themselves.


As your toddler grows up, so will their grasp of language. You can increase their vocabulary by simply using different words as you speak to them. They will form associations with the new vocabulary words by context.


A great reason to keep talking with your toddler is for the connection they will feel with you. By talking, you are focusing your attention on them and giving them time to express themselves. Enjoy conversations throughout the day with your little ones and deepen the bonds you have with them.

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We hope your conversations are enjoyable, fun and entertaining! They will surely be a huge encouragement for your young ones to communicate and learn how to express themselves!

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