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Let Kids Play!

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Have you ever noticed how carefree and spirited kids are when they are having fun? They are pure and full of light and that’s why we love them! Oh, to be a kid again!


However, in recent years, there seems to be mounting pressure for kids to learn quickly, especially in this technological era where everything happens at lightning speed. We tend to forget that kids are just kids and just want to have fun! Here are some important things to keep in mind about letting kids just play.


Reason #1: Socializing

When kids are playing together with other kids, they learn how to socialize with others. Not only are they enjoying time with other children, but also are learning valuable social cues such as sharing toys and communicating.


Reason #2: Imagination

Using one’s imagination allows creativity to flow. When kids role-play, they are using that part of the brain that allows for creative ideas to come forth and are also making connections to experiences. This is wonderful for cognitive development!


Reason #3: Sensory Play

Children are taking in everything around them, consciously and unconsciously. They are forming ideas about the world around them and a large part of this is through their senses. Activities that involve sensory play is great for them to experience life through different lenses.


Reason #4: Physical Growth

Another important reason for playtime is that it helps with physical growth and development. When children are playing with toys, they are working their fine motor skills. When they are outside at the playground, they are working their gross motor skills. This aids in the development of strong, healthy bodies and an active lifestyle.


Reason #5: FUN

We can’t forget this reason – just plain old fun! Being a kid is when you can enjoy life without worries, sing and dance without a care in the world. Allowing kids to play freely is what creates those lasting childhood memories they will remember for years to come. Make them great ones!


Allowing children to play and have fun helps them in many areas of their development. Play with them and share in the fun!


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