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Make A Firm Bedtime

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As the day ends, you’re probably looking forward to a relaxing evening. After dinner and bath time, bedtime stories and brushing teeth, there’s only one thing left to do. Get them into bed for bedtime!

If your kids resist bedtime, and we all know THAT happens, it is so easy to get lax on making sure they hit the sack at a certain time. Well, here are some reasons why a firm bedtime is crucial in a child’s development.

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Bedtime Reason #1: Health Benefits

We all know that sleep is essential to one’s health. Sleep helps the body recover and rejuvenate itself. For a child, sleep also helps lower health risks for diabetes and obesity. It also helps with attention and focus as the body refreshes itself. Making sure children get enough sleep is vital to their health.

Bedtime Reason #2: Set Their Internal Clock

When you set a firm bedtime with no negotiations, children will fall into that routine over time. This will help set their internal clock – when they naturally start to feel tired at a certain time as well as when they wake up. This will help them get used to falling asleep on time as well as getting up on time.

Bedtime Reason #3: Looking Ahead

Keeping to a set time to go to bed can also help prepare them for the future. When kids stick to a consistent sleeping routine, this may aid in preventing sleep issues later on such as insomnia.

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Being aware of the benefits will help when talking to your child about the set bedtime. Be forewarned about possible negotiations on their part to stay up, but over time they will get used to a schedule that you stick to when you make it a priority. Hoping you and your kids continue to have restful nights!

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