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Musical Sensory Play Ideas

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A great way to introduce music to kids is to incorporate musical instruments anddifferent activities to sensory play time. In doing so, kids will be exposed to sounds, vibrations and making noise! This is definitely something that kids are great at!   

Here are some new ideas to add music into sensory play time!  

Musical Sensory Bin  

Sensory bins are great for exploring! Setting them up is easy too. Add some beans ordry rice to a large bin. Then put in different musical instruments such as tambourines, bells, clackers, and egg shakers. Have your kids play and explore all of the different musical instruments.    

Outdoor Music Wall 

This is great for getting outdoors and incorporating music to your day! Create awall with different objects that can make noise or produce sound when struck with a stick (such as a spoon or metal utensil). These walls are great for kids who love to create their own music and have fun while doing it!    

Rainstick Sensory Bottle 

Similar to a shaker bottle, a rainstick sensory bottle uses sticks and rice to create arain sound. Simply fill a long plastic bottle with wooden sticks or twigs and fill it about 1/3 of the way with dry rice. Make one easily with your little one and listen to the sounds it makes. These DIY rainsticks are fun to make and play with!   

These ideas are easy and effective for bringing music into your sensory play time!   

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