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Happy Year Of The Tiger!

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Here’s wishing you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous year of the tiger! We hopeyou celebrated in style surrounded by your loved ones! To keep the good luck coming all year round, here are some ideas for you to keep in mind during this tiger year!  

Wear Your Lucky Colour 

Wearing a lucky colour can bring in some good luck, some say. Why not try it out thisyear? Here are the lucky colours for the year of the tiger! 

·Rat: red and blue 

·Ox: red and yellow 

·Tiger: orange,black, and blue 

·Rabbit: green,purple and orange 

·Dragon: yellow andwhite 

·Snake: tangerine,cyan, and silver 

·Horse: green, blueand red 

·Goat: brightyellow 

·Monkey: white andbaby blue 

·Rooster: yellow 

·Dog: yellow, black and grey 

·Pig: yellow, green and black   

Be Generous 

To celebrate a new lunar year, people exchange red envelopes with lucky moneyinside. It is said to bring in luck for the whole year. To keep this spirit of luck and generosity alive, be open to donating and giving back to charities! Always give what you are comfortable giving, and feel great knowing you’re spreading good energy!   

Eat Lucky Dishes 

Some dishes symbolize good luck, so why not keep them in your meal rotation! Ricedumplings symbolize family togetherness, fish symbolizes abundance and noodles symbolize longevity! Delicious and symbolic, just how we like it! Try some tonight!   

Here’s to lots of good health, happy memories, and fun times for you and your familythis tiger year!    

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Have a BEE-utiful day!