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Our Daily Rituals

Come see the buzz!

If you’ve ever wondered what our daily rituals are at Busy Bee, here’s a little sneak peek into what we do every day! They may seem small, but to kids, they leave long-lasting impressions. With these simple rituals, we hope to instill good habits and manners at Busy Bee!

Saying Good Morning!

We always like to greet our students with big smiles and a GOOOOOD MORNING! This gets them in a good mood right away in the morning and to let them know they are welcomed and entering a happy environment!

Taking Off/Putting On Shoes

When kids start wanting to do things on their own, they are developing their own sense of independence. We encourage kids to try doing simple tasks like taking off and putting on their own shoes.

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Calling Attendance

When we take attendance, we like to encourage kids to raise their hands and say “here” to let us know they are here. This gets them used to hearing their names in English, especially if they speak another language at home, and helps build their confidence by having them raise their hands.

Washroom Time

We have specific times for our washroom breaks – before snack times and before/after lunchtime. We like to reinforce the importance of washing our hands before we eat and for those still potty training, they get used to seeing and possibly using the toilets.

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Saying Please and Thank You

When we hand out materials to the kids, we like to say please and thank you to remind them to say it as well. This will encourage good manners and we hope this continues at home as well!

Heads Down

When we change activities, we like to turn the lights off and have the kids put their heads down while we count to ten. This helps them calm down after the excitement of the last activity and gets them ready for the next one. This also teaches them patience – a great virtue!

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Saying Good-Bye

Of course, we are sad to see everyone leave at the end of the day, but a great way to remind kids of the end of the day is by saying and singing our good-bye song. This is helpful in teaching kids the importance of acknowledging their peers and saying good-bye to everyone!

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Rituals help form good habits and we hope our students keep up the great work so far!

Come and see the buzz! Only at Busy Bee!

Have a BEE-utiful day!