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Thanksgiving Crafts

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A holiday originating in the US, Thanksgiving was first thought to be celebrated way back in 1621. The Plymouth colonists who came to America had an autumn harvest feast with the Wampanoag Indians. From then on, individual colonies had their own Thanksgiving meals during the fall. Then in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln publicly announced that a national Thanksgiving Day was to be celebrated every November. YAY!

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Thanksgiving is a great time to remind us all of what we are thankful for. The harvests of years past were a grateful welcome to ensure survival throughout winter. Today, we are really blessed with all the modern conveniences we have.

At home, keeping this attitude of gratitude is a great way to teach young ones the importance of being forever thankful for all that we have. Here are some neat Thanksgiving craft ideas you can try at home!

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Thanksgiving Craft #1: Wreath of Thankful Leaves

Create a wreath of handprint leaves in different fall colours like brown, red, orange and yellow. On each leaf, ask your child to name one thing they are thankful for. See how many leaves your wreath will have. We are sure it will be quite full with things like: mommy, daddy, favourite people, favourite food and favourite toys!

Thanksgiving Craft #2: Decorate With Small Squash

This works with real squash or decorative squash. Paint them in different colours and create a fall centerpiece to have on your table. You can even paint on different words to remind your child of what they are thankful for like family, food, love.

Thanksgiving Craft #3: Turkey Family Portrait

Using paint and handprints, create a turkey family portrait for everyone in your family. Each member puts their handprint on the canvas so that their hand sizes are all seen. This makes a cute family portrait. Don’t forget to include your names underneath. This is a great keepsake or a fun tradition every year. See how your child’s handprint grows over time!

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends! We are all thankful for your continued support!

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